Drippi beta

Upload and share Super Smash Bros. Melee character mods

Easily share your character mods with the community by uploading them. Browse and download other mods to elevate your SSBM gameplay.

3D preview

Mod creators can upload FBX files to preview their mods in 3D. This allows you to see how your mod will look in-game before downloading it.


Track downloads

Know how popular your mod is by tracking downloads. You can see how many unique downloads your mod has had, and how many times it has been downloaded in total.

Other features

Check out some of the other features we have to offer. We're focused on making it easy for creators and players to get the most out of SSBM mods.


Let users leave comments on your mods to get feedback and start conversations. Let creators know of bugs or suggest improvements.


Add your favorite mods to your liked list and let others know you appreciate their work.

Cross post your mod

Easily cross post your mods to other modding communities. For now, we support Patreon. More coming later.

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